Staying at World's Highest Village

Komic village located at an altitude of 4587 meters from sea level. And staying at this village is one of my best experience.

Our plan was to visit the places around Kaza and leave for the Manali. When we visited this place, we were awestruck by the beauty of village. This is the world's highest village connected with motorable road. You can drive you car or bike till this village.

How to reach Komic

Komic is around 28 KM from Kaza, headquarters of Spiti/Lahoul district. Kaza is well connected by other major cities of state Himachal Pradesh. State transport buses available from major cities. There is state transport bus available from Kaza to Komic. For bus schedule, contact Kaza bus stand or check with locals. It was not operational when I was there due to bad weather.

on the way to Komic

One can hire taxi or bike to go to Komic. Taxi will charge you around RS. 1300-1400 for visiting all the place nearby Kaza. Also, you can hire bike which will cost you around Rs. 1000 per day during no-peak season and 1500 per day during peak season excluding petrol. If you are traveling solo, you can hire bike or share taxi with other travelers.

I would suggest to hire bike if you love biking. The roads are quite good except the stones will be all around on the roads. You will be always climbing mountains and the experience will be awesome.

As mentioned earlier, staying at Komic was not in our plan. We hired bike to roam around Kaza and visited Komic. We were astonished by the beauty of this village. Small road going to village, countable homes and animals outside of homes. So, we decided to come back here and stay at Komic. Next day, we hired a taxi which cost us around RS. 1000 for 4 people. The driver dropped us at Komic and left. And the whole village for us to explore.

What to expect at Komic

Serene beauty of himalayas, monastery, nice hosts and smiles everywhere. When you will reach at Komic, you will be amazed by the beauty. You can visit monastery at Komic. There are two monasteries old and new. At the entrance of monastery, they have hanged real tiger (dead). You can trek little bit up on mountains for snow. You can just relax there or play with snow. Wind will be very fast in the evening and temperature might go below 0 degrees. Carry warm clothes with you.

Tiger at entrance of Old Komic Monastery

Staying at Komic

Many homestays are available at Komic but not all will be operational. During peak season only, local offers staying at their homes. We stayed at Tanpa Homestay which was operation during April and the host is very nice person. It cost us RS. 500 PP including 3 meals. He offered us "THEEMOS", local dish which was very nice. You can go to their farms, communicate with other locals.

One thing about Komic people is they work in each others farms. As they have more land and less people to work. That's quite different about them, helping each other.

Returning from Komic

It is very hard to find any vehicle while returning from Komic. You can ask your host if anyone is going to Kaza in the morning so that they can drop you. Check the bus schedule at Kaza bus stand if buses are operational. If you can book a taxi for next day as well and ask driver to come there according to your time. If you have your own vehicle then there is no problem. If you want to trek down to Kaza then it is possible. Just ask locals for the route for trekking.

We trekked down till Hikkim and from Hikkim we got lift till Kaza.

trekking down from Komic

The overall experience of Komic was awesome. Please visit this village, explore their farms, lifestyles. Interact with them, understand their problems and even with very few facilities they are happy. I think that is the one thing you can take from them.

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