First Snow Trek of My Life

Trekking is one of the best exercise to stay fit but to do trekking we have to be fit. The main reason why trekking becomes difficult is oxygen level. When you starts climbing, the oxygen level starts dropping. So if anyone is wants to do snow trek he/she must do normal treks of forts or small peaks.

Start of the Trek

In February 2017, I did first snow trek of my life. The experience was awesome with breathtaking views of himalayas, snowy mountains. At that moment, first time in my life I saw snow. I was eagerly waiting to see the snow for whole time of journey. It was started in the December month, me and my other two friends were planning a trip. The trip has to be to the north of India and it should be trek. So, there were two conditions for our trip. We started looking for option of treks.

At first, we decided to go for "Kedarkantha Trek" but it opens in late March or mid April. So, finally we decided to go "Har ki Dun" trek. Har ki Dun is located in Uttarakhand, India. This valley is about 3566 meters above sea level.

The translation for "Har ki Dun" is "On God's Trails".

So, the plan was for almost 10 days and only 3 days for trek. Our plan was to visit Haridwar (Ganga ghats), Rishikesh (Bungy Jumping) and then head to Auli for treks. We started from Pune. We reached Delhi early in the morning by flight. Then, we headed to Delhi railway station to catch our train for Haridwar. By afternoon, we reached Haridwar. We spent 2 days in Haridwar and headed to Rishikesh. We did Bungy Jumping there, spent 2 days in exploring Rishikesh and then headed to Auli (Joshimath) for trek.

"Auli" is a Skiing Capital of India and Rishikesh is known as "Yoga Capital" of India.

From Rishikesh, we started early in the morning with state transport bus. We reached Joshimath in the evening around 6PM. It was almost dark and it started raining. We didn't had any bookings for hotel. After reaching there, we searched for the hotel, got freshen up and then started to look for trekking guide. There is one small shop in the Joshimath which provides trekking equipment and guide as well. We took all the information from the owner regarding trek, things to carry etc. After that we did some street shopping in Joshimath, had dinner and went to good night sleep.

Next morning we woke up, had breakfast and took some parcel for lunch. Around 8 AM, we started our trek. Initially, the route was easy. There were people as you passed through small village. As soon as, you starts climbing, you can see there will be only farms and no house or people. After around 7 KM, we took our first stop for stay. We prepared some food for dinner, had tea and then went for much needed sleep. Next day was very much crucial as we had to cover around 10-12 KM in day time. The main problem was in the night, there was snowfall so our trek path was hidden. And due to snowfall, we were unable to walk fast. When we reached to our second day stop, it was already dark. After this heavy walking, we prepared food and then went for sleep.

In the night, there was again snowfall. So, it was very much difficult to walk. During the trek, I got frost bite so I was unable to walk very fast. On the third day, I managed to walk half of the distance but it was impossible for me walk further. In the evening, we reached base of the village Auli. From here, one can take rope way ride to reach Joshimath but it is open till 5 PM only. Due to frost bite, we were late for rope way ride. We hired a car to reach Joshimath, had dinner and then went for very much needed sleep. My two friends helped me very much after the frost bite.

When you are anything for the first time, there is always an excitement like that I was also excited for this trek. I enjoyed the trek very much except for the frost bite incident due to which it was impossible for me to walk. We enjoyed scenic beauty of Himalayas, White Dessert of Snow. There were footprints of bear as well on the trekking path. Actual duration of the trek is 4 days but we were short of time so we completed it in 3 days. If you have time, you can do 4 days trek then your second day will be relaxed.

Place: Har Ki Dun trek, Joshimath, Auli, Uttarakhand, India

Duration: 3 days

Guide: Mandatory

Things to Carry: Winter Clothes, Utensils, Torch, Snow Trekking Shoes, Gloves, Rain Coat, Trekking Stick, High Protein Bars, Power Bank

Travel Mode: State Transport Buses

From Delhi to Auli, we traveled in public transport only. The roads are curvy and dangerous so using personal vehicle will be dangerous. For return, we came the same way. We spent one day in Haridwar as our train was in night. We reached Delhi in the morning but due to frost bite I was unable to explore it properly.

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Do not litter anywhere while traveling, enjoy the beauty and explore the world.

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Stay tuned!!! Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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